How to backup your files like a normal person

Have you ever deleted something important?

32GB RAM MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

Long-awaited MacBook Pro update Great news for developers, filmmakers, bloggers, photographers and gamers.

VSCode extensions I use

A couple of months ago I switched to VSCode, an open-source code editor and it’s been great! DNS service

On 1st of April 2018 Cloudflare launched its own public DNS service and it’s not a joke.

Why I switched to DuckDuckGo

As an experiment, I switched my default search engine to one that doesn’t store my personal information.

Bootstrap 4 beta is finally here! For those who haven’t been using the v4 alpha releases, here are some highlights to get you caught up.

Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa Skill

Since we got the Amazon Echo Dot in the office we wanted to build an Alexa Skill for it.