My macOS list of applications

A list of apps and tools I use on my Mac for coding, prototyping, photo and video editing, productivity, privacy and browsing.

Shadwell Foreshore Festival

1-30 September London celebrates River Thames Festival.

Vue.js polling using setInterval()

I came up with an easy way to repeat a function in Vue.js.

Tech by Retail Week and World Retail Congress report

12-13 September, my business partner Alex and I attended Tech by Retail Week in Printworks, London.

Brighton 2018 🇬🇧

Brighton is a cute little seaside resort town with a beautiful coastline, located in the South of England. This is the first time I visited it and I loved it.

Unbound London 2018

On the 18 & 19 July, my business partner Alex and I attended an innovation festival in the Old Truman Brewery, Shoreditch, London.

Rafting in Almaty / Рафтинг в Алматы

Rafting and white water rafting are recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water.

Сколько стоит жить в Лондоне

Сегодня я расскажу о том сколько денег надо на переезд и проживание в Лондоне, для пары их 2 человек.

The most valuable asset

The older we get the more we start to value our time.

San Francisco 2018 🇺🇸

July 2018 In July 2018 my wife and I had an 8-night trip to California.