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On 1st of April 2018 Cloudflare launched its own public DNS service and it’s not a joke.

According to DNSPerf the new service is ranked as fastest in the world. Beating Google Public DNS (,, screenshot attached.

Screenshot taken from https://www.dnsperf.com/#!dns-resolvers

It didn’t give a significant speed boost over Google Public DNS to my home wifi in London. But Cloudflare claim to never sell user data or use it sell target ads, unlike Google (what a surprise). And you know how concerned about privacy I am.


If you’re not using custom DNS yet, you should start using it. Here is why:

  • Privacy. Your ISP won’t be able to see what sites you visit and apps you use, assuming that your traffic is encrypted (you should have https connection).
  • Speed. It will increase the speed of almost all your online activities.

You can install it on iOS/Android devices, MacOS/Linux/Windows machines and on your router.

Check it out

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