How to pass a parameter to a method in Vue.js

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Learn how to pass arguments to Vue.js functions/methods. In Vue.js we can use v-on directive to trigger JavaScript functions when DOM changes.

For example, you can make Vue.js listen to v-on:click directive on HTML <a> or <button> tags and call a method if user clicks on those tags.

You can also pass a parameter to Vue.js methods.

Passing an argument to a Vue.js method

In the example below, we have a list of items (it can be a list of books, products, anything). This list is rendered from an array of objects using a v-for loop.


new Vue({
  el: "#app",
  data: {
    items: [
      { id: 1, text: "Item 1" },
      { id: 2, text: "Item 2" },
      { id: 3, text: "Item 3" }
  methods: {
  	removeItem(itemId) {
      this.items = this.items.filter((obj) => {
      	return !== itemId;

Each list item has a remove button next to it. Our goal is to pass item id to the removeItem() method that will remove this item from the array.

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We can do that by adding inside the method, like so:

<a href="#" @click="removeItem(">Remove</a>


<div id="app">
    <li v-for="item in items">
      {{ item.text }} <a href="#" @click="removeItem(">Remove</a>

Will output to:

You can also pass an additional $event parameter to access event object. Make sure to edit your method as well.

<a href="#" @click="removeItem($event,">Remove</a>

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