My 7-day workout plan [for developers]

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I’d like to share my workout routine with you, to show how I keep myself in shape with a desk-based job (I’m a front-end developer). I’ll share my 7-day workout plan as well as give you some tips and tricks I learned while doing sports for many years.

When we moved to London I stopped lifting weights. I was spending most of the time running, doing pull-ups and yoga with my wife Amina.

We recently moved back to Almaty, but I still spend most of the time at the desk. I just need to release my energy somehow. That’s why I decided to spend some time learning the theory and just pay more attention to my health.

My workout week looks like this

Monday: Back & Biceps, Run
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: Shoulders & Triceps
Thursday: Run
Friday: Run, Chest & Legs
Saturday: Run
Sunday: Rest

I do 2-3 exercises on each muscle group. I change exercises from time to time. Also, I do some exercises on abs in the end of every single workout.

No gym, no problem

If you can’t afford to go to a gym or feel like it’s taking too much time just to get there, you can workout at home, as I do.

I workout at home without a coach, fancy equipment and other excuses. I have a minimal set of tools: a bench, a horizontal bar, a pair of gloves, dumbbells and my own weight.

This small set of tools and a workout plan allow me to finish my workout in 30-40 minutes a day (without cardio). I think it’s better to work out half an hour a day several times a week than spend 2 hours 1-2 times a week.

Hi, I'm Renat 👋


I run a lot

This hobby is turning into something big. I can see clear progress from season to season. I now take part in mountain races, half-marathons, 10k’s and other running activities.

I usually run in the morning, while everyone is still sleeping, there’s no traffic, the air is still clean and it’s not that hot. After every run I stretch for 5 to 10 minutes (this is very important).

Good habits

I’ve been taking cold shows for the past 4 months. My morning routine looks like this – I take a cold shower and then do a quick warm up. If I run that morning, I take a cold shower after the run.

I remember when I had a knee injury, I couldn’t run for half a year. This wouldn’t have happened if I stretched before and after each run. No one told me how important that was.

It’s also important to enjoy your run or workout and have a goal. I know people who want to go to the gym to quickly grow their muscles. When I’m asking them why would you want to look like a bodybuilder, they don’t have an answer.

Take it slow

If you want to stay healthy, create a workout plan for yourself and take it slow. Remember to follow a long-term approach rather than getting injured in the first week.

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Stay healthy,
Renat Galyamov

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