My macOS list of applications

A list of apps and tools I use on my Mac for coding, prototyping, photo and video editing, productivity, privacy and browsing.

Vue.js polling using setInterval()

I came up with an easy way to repeat a function in Vue.js.

Front-end development tips for beginners

I’ve been coding my entire life and my true passion is front-end development.

Incredible CSS skills

HTML/CSS drawing in the style of an 18th-century oil painting.

LocalStorage vs SessionStorage vs Cookies


Some developers may find it difficult to explain the difference between localStorage, sessionStorage cookies.

VSCode extensions I use

A couple of months ago I switched to VSCode, an open-source code editor and it’s been great!

Vue.js custom watchers

Sometimes you need to have a custom watcher to react to data changes.

Sass (SCSS) mixins you should be using in your projects Edit Add topics

I’ve created a repository with a list of Sass mixins that I’ve been using in my personal projects.

React native – can’t read property ‘router’ of null

If you get the following error message ‘Can’t read property ‘router’ of null’ in Router.js, you’ll need to make a container scene as root.

React native tab bar icon with title

A lot of you are wondering how to add a title to the tab bar.