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Brighton is a cute little seaside resort town with a beautiful coastline, located in the South of England. This is the first time I visited it and I loved it. It’s a romantic getaway place full of hotels, cafes and restaurants. It’s also great for shopping, especially for jewellery (who would have known?).

London St Pancras Station
1. We took a train from London St Pancras Station.

Hi, I'm Renat πŸ‘‹


London St Pancras Station
2. London St Pancras Station
No yoga on the escalator sign.
3. No yoga on the escalator. This is sad.
Empty St Pancras International Station.
4. Empty St Pancras International Station. I must say it was nice and clean there.
St Pancras International Station train.
5. Waiting for a next train.
St Pancras International Station.
6. You know where the entrance is by looking for this signs.
St Pancras International Station sign.
7. St Pancras International Station.
Blackfriars station London
8. Nice view from the Blackfriars station.
London Bridge Train Station.
9. London Bridge
Welcome to Brighton sign
10. Welcome to Brighton. Bright(on). You get it.
North Laine, Brighton
11. North Laine, Brighton
 Vegetarian shoes
12. Vegetarian shoes, anyone?
Jubilee Clock Tower in Brighton.
13. The Clock Tower (sometimes called the Jubilee Clock Tower) is a free-standing clock tower in the centre of Brighton.
Sea shells, seashell
14. Sea shells
Brighton beach and seafront.
15. Brighton beach and seafront.
Brighton beach and seafront.
16. Loads of empty seats, because you have to pay for them.
Brighton beach.
17. Brighton beach.
18. Brighton beach.
Brighton Palace Pier
19. Brighton Palace Pier
Brighton Palace Pier entrance
20. Brighton Palace Pier entrance
Brighton snail sculptures
21. Brighton was full of snail sculptures. You could find them almost anywhere #BeMoreSnail
Road sign look both ways.
22. Always look both ways, while crossing the road.
Informative bus station.
23. An informative bus stop in Brighton.
Brighton hills
24. It was nice seeing some hills, reminds me of my hometown and San-Francisco.
The Royal Pavilion
25. The Royal Pavilion is an exotic palace in the centre of Brighton with a colourful history.
The Royal Pavilion
26. Built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV, this historic house mixes Regency grandeur with the visual style of India and China.
Royal Pavilion Gardens.
27. Royal Pavilion Gardens.
The Lanes, Brighton
28. The Lanes, Brighton. My favourite shot.
The Lanes, Brighton
29. The Lanes Brighton offers a shopper’s paradise of independent shops and boutiques.
Narrow street in The Lanes, Brighton
30. Tiny streets of Brighton.
The Lanes, Brighton
31. The Lanes, Brighton. Great atmosphere.
Decorated house in Brighton
32. There are a lot of decorated houses in Brighton
Decorated house in Brighton
33. I can keep going.
North Laine Bazaar
34. Somewhere near the North Laine Bazaar.
North Laine.
35. Meerkats. North Laine.
36. Gunnsflorist.
North Laine, Brighton.
37. North Laine, Brighton.
North Laine, Brighton.
38. North Laine, Brighton.
British Airways i360, Brighton
39. A fully enclosed glass viewing pod, called British Airways i360, Brighton.
Brighton Beach
40. Brighton Beach.
British Airways i360
41. British Airways i360.
Volk's first electric seashore railway
42. Remains of a world’s first electric seashore railway built in 1883 by Volk. It connected Brighton and Rottingdean.
Ruins of a Brighton West Pier
43. Ruins of a Brighton West Pier, destroyed by fire in 2003.
Brighton Beach Hotels
44. Brighton Beach Hotels.
British Airways i360
45. British Airways i360.
Join the party!
46. Join the party!
Brighton Railway Station
47. Brighton Railway Station.
Brighton Railway Station
48. Brighton Railway Station.
London Bridge Station
49. Back in London. This thing is not user-friendly. London Bridge Station.
View from the Tower Bridge
50. View from the Tower Bridge.

Brighton is only an hour/1:30 away from London. Which makes it a perfect getaway destination.

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