5 Free hosting options for Vue.js (2021)

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Right now you have a working prototype of your Vue.js single-page application (SPA) and you need to host it somewhere. Luckily, there’re some free options available on the market.

I’m not going to promote any paid options in this article, just to save you some time and budget.

1. Free Vue.js hosting on Firebase

You’ve probably heard of it, it’s a single platform built by Google that provides the following features:

  • Hosting
  • Authentication
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Functions
  • Database
  • ML Kit

There’s a free “Spark Plan” with 1GB of hosting space, 1GB Realtime database and some other features.

If you’re just starting with your SPA and need a little more than just a static hosting, or want to quickly test your idea with the world this is a go to.


  • Built by Google
  • A long list of features
  • Cutting-edge database
  • Well-documented and good community support
  • Custom domains and HTTPS


  • Poor bandwidth quota on the free plan


Hi, I'm Renat 👋


2. Free Vue.js hosting on Netlify

It’s less known than Google but it’s getting popular among Vue.js developers.


  • Custom domains & HTTPS support
  • Instant Git integration
  • Continuous deployment
  • Generous bandwidth quota
  • GitHub & GitLab integration and automatic deployment
  • Very easy to deploy a new website


  • Limited functionality (static hosting only)


3. Free Vue.js hosting on GitHub Pages

It’s a static site hosting.


  • Custom domains & HTTPS
  • Easy to setup and deploy static sites
  • CDN


  • Works only for public repositories, as you code will be available to the public
  • Limited functionality (static hosting only)


4. Free Vue.js hosting on Amazon S3


  • Built by the giants (Amazon)
  • Good documentation
  • 99.999999999% (11 9’s) of durability


  • Free for the first year with AWS Free Usage Tier
  • Limited functionality (static hosting only)


5. Free Vue.js hosting on Heroku

These guys have been on the market for ages. I’ve met them in person in Amsterdam years ago. I really like their product but their free plan is very limited.


  • Custom domains
  • Deploy from Git
  • Shared access to apps you own on your personal account


  • Sleeps after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • No HTTPS support for custom domains
  • Limited functionality (static hosting only)



I personally prefer Firebase by Google, as I usually need more than just a static hosting. With the realtime database, user authentication and cloud functions it becomes a powerful tool. The only limitation is a small bandwidth quota, which you can increase by upgrading your plan.

Share you suggestions in the comments section below.

Renat Galyamov

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  1. Agree with you on the Firebase => Firestore. I’m just getting my feet wet with full stack development. Vue and Firestore are the perfect combination. Two emerging concepts for the future which cut out a lot of the previously required middle-ware.
    Authorization, sign up and login is only the beginning.

    The limitations with storage capacity (particularly concerning images) of the free version can be increased by combining the storage and Firestore aspects.

    You get all the storage you need without restrictions, to fully master the concepts.

    These two were made for each other