How to dynamically change the path of href in Vue.js

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to dynamically change the href value in Vue.js.

Let’s create a new Vue.js component that will render a list of products.

<div id="app">
  <ul v-if="products.length > 0">
    <li v-for="product in products">{{ product.title }}</li>

Now, let’s create an array of products.

new Vue({
  el: "#app",
  data: {
    products: [
      { id: 1, title: "Hololens" },
      { id: 2, title: "Google Glass" },
      { id: 3, title: "PlayStation 5" }

Each product has a unique ID. Let’s use it to create a dynamic link for each list item.

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We’re going to re-write the HTML part an include an <a> tag.

<div id="app">
  <ul v-if="products.length > 0">
    <li v-for="product in products"><a :href="'/products/' +">{{ product.title }}</a></li>

Now, if you click on product title it will open an individual product page. The example above also shows how to concatenate href value in Vue.js/JavaScript.

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