How to prevent multiple form submissions in Vue.js

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The easiest way to prevent multiple form submissions in Vue.js is to use an HTML <button> disabled attribute to make a form button un-clickable. It’s a boolean attribute, we can set it to true right after the form submit.

Here is an HTML syntax:

<button type="button" disabled>Click Me!</button>

Now let’s tweak our form tag and add a Vue.js part.

<form @submit="submitForm">
  <button type="submit" :disabled="isLoading">Log in</button>

As you can see we now have a Vue.js submit handler and a disabled attribute, which will make a button un-clickable if isLoading is set to true.

Now let’s add a very primitive submitForm method. In the real-life example, there will be a form validation method, we’re going to skip that in this tutorial.

new Vue({
  el: "#app",
  data: {
    isLoading: null
  methods: {
    submitForm (e) {
      this.isLoading = true
      setTimeout(() => {
      	this.isLoading = false
      }, 1000)

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Our method will be called immediately on form submission. It will set the isLoading variable to true and after 1 second it will set it to false. This is done for demo purposes.

Now let’s see the final result.

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  1. is more sample. and not need adding to html any symbols.
    submitForm (e) {
    if( this.isLoading){
    this.isLoading = true;
    setTimeout(() => {
    this.isLoading = false
    }, 1000)