Get filtered items in Vue.js/Vuex/ES6 using getters

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get filtered items from an array using store getters.

Array.filter() example

Array.filter() method is used to create a new array that passes the certain condition created by the provided function. E.g. we can

var headsets = ['Hololens', 'Google Glass', 'Varjo'];

console.log(headsets.filter((headset) => headset.startsWith("G")));
// expected output: ["Google Glass"]

Vue.js example using Vuex store getter

Suppose we have a list of products in a Vuex state. Each product has an “is_active” field. Our task is to get a list of all active products from the Vuex state.

getActiveProducts (state) {
  if (state.products) {
    return state.products.filter((product) => {
      return product.is_active

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In the example above, we are using getActiveProducts() getter to filter all the active products from the list and return it as an array.

You can then call this getter inside your project to get a list of active products from a Vuex state.


The mapGetters() helper

Or get a list of products using the mapGetters() helper, by mixing the getters into computed with object spread operator

computed: {
    activeProducts: 'getActiveProducts'

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