Check if an item already exists in an array in Vue.js/Vuex/ES6

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This is a common task for front-end developers. There can be many ways to check if an element already exists in an array. In this tutorial, I’ll show you the way I do it.


Suppose you have a list AR/VR headsets and you want to check if ‘Hololens’ already exists in your list/database. Here is how you can do it with ES2016 array.includes() method:

var headsets = ['Hololens', 'Google Glass', 'Varjo'];

// expected output: true


This is a Vuex example. We have a list of products in a Vuex state. Each product has a category id. Our goal is to get all the products in a certain category.

getProductsByCategoryID: (state) => (categoryID) => {
  return state.products.filter((product) => {
    return product.category.includes(categoryID)

In this example, we’re using getProductsByCategoryID getter to filter through a list of products and selecting only those products that have a passed categoryID.

We use two methods array.filter() and array.includes(). Filter() method returns an array, whereas includes() methods returns true or false as appropriate.

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You can then get filtered products like so:

this.productsFiltered = this.$store.getters.getProductsByCategoryID(this.categoryID)

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