Why you should quit your 9-to-5 job

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If you feel like you’re wasting your time at work, or think that you can do better – you should leave your job and do what you always wanted.

People have worked 9-to-5 for decades. Fortunately, it no longer works. Everyone has a unique personality and simply can’t work for many hours in a row.

It results in less productivity, procrastination and losing interest in general. You’re no longer motivated when you’re forced to go to work Monday to Friday and spend 40 hours a week at your desk.

Luckily, we always have a choice.

But I’ll lose my job

Yes and no. If you have a hobby and can make a living with it then this solution will work for you.

I’m not saying that you should immediately quit your job. Start looking for the clients while you still have your job. Do it as a side hustle first and once you have enough clients to cover your basic needs quit your job.

It’s called “two steps back and one step forward”. You’ll doubt your decision but only for a while. Eventually, you’ll realise that doing what you love is much better than doing something that you’re forced to. No matter how much you earn because money doesn’t buy happiness.

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Money matters

Not having money at all becomes a source of a lot of problems.

As Casey Neistat pointed out in one of his YouTube videos, rich or poor we all have the same life problems:

  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Fulfilment
  • Purpose
  • etc.

These are the problems that money can’t solve. But if you don’t have money, on top of these problems you also have money problems:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Clothing
  • etc.

Therefore, you should save enough money to pay the bills and have financial freedom for the next 6-12 months before you quit your 9-to-5 job.

Do what you love

Imagine having financial freedom and doing what you always wanted. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not you just need to be true to yourself and focus on what you’re passionate about.

Start gradually and don’t try to do many things at once. You need to enjoy what you’re doing.

If you haven’t found your life purpose just try new things, save enough money, expand your boundaries and quit your 9-to-5 job to find your passion.

Time is the most valuable asset.

Start thinking long-term. Or you’ll end up regretting that you spent your best years doing something that you didn’t like and were afraid to lose that job instead of doing what you always wanted.

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