How to watch and react to params changes in Vue.js

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to react to params changes in the same component.

For example, you have a /products/google-glass route that uses a Product.vue component. It’s a reusable component, that loads product information from the backend server for a selected product.

Your goal is to make this component react to params changes, e.g. when you open /products/ps4 it should load information about PlayStation 4.

Reacting to params changes in Vue.js

watch: {
  '$route' () {

We can react to params changes by watching the $route object.

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This way we can load product information when the route changes. We simply call a loadProduct() method whenever the route changes.

The loadProduct() method will make an API call by sending product slug or id to the backend server:

this.$store.dispatch('LOAD_PRODUCT', { product: this.$route.params.product })

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