Creating custom filters in Vue.js (tutorial)

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Learn the basics of creating and applying Vue.js filters.

You can create custom filters to format text, dates etc. You can apply filters in v-bind expressions and moustache brackets.

Creating custom local filters

Let’s create a filter that will transform the text into uppercase. We can create a new local filter inside our component.

filters: {
  uppercase: function (value) {
    if (!value) return ''
    return value.toString().toUpperCase();

You can then use this filter in two places:

<!-- mustache interpolation -->
{{ message | uppercase }}

<!-- v-bind expression -->
<p v-bind:text="message | uppercase"></p>

Hi, I'm Renat 👋


Creating global filters in Vue.js

Let’s make our uppercase filter global. To make it available in other components we need to define it before creating the Vue instance.

Vue.filter('uppercase', function (value) {
  if (!value) return ''
  return value.toString().toUpperCase();

new Vue({
  // ...

Filters can also be chained:

{{ message | uppercase | truncate }}

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Renat Galyamov

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