Remove duplicate values from Vue.js array using ES6

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Learn how to easily remove duplicates from an array.

Let’s make a very simple JavaScript array of products.

  data: {
    products: ['Oculus', 'Google Glass', 'Microsoft Hololens', 'Oculus', 'Varjo']

Note that we’ve got duplicate records for ‘Oculus’. Now, let’s create a method that will create a new array of unique products.

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ES6 example

new Vue({
  el: "#app",
  data: {
    products: ['Oculus', 'Google Glass', 'Microsoft Hololens', 'Oculus', 'Varjo']
  methods: {
    removeDuplicates () {
      this.products = [ Set(this.products) ]

removeDuplicates() method uses a Set object, which stores unique values of any type, and a Spread operator (three dots in JavaScript), which expands a new list as an array.

The result

Plain JavaScript example

var products = ['Oculus', 'Google Glass', 'Microsoft Hololens', 'Oculus', 'Varjo'];

var uniq = [ Set(products) ];

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