Photos of the Milky Way and the Night Sky

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When I spent 24+ hours in a tent without food I brought a camera with me to the mountains. That night I took some of my favourite photos of the Night Sky and our home galaxy – Milky Way.

I’ll be adding more photos to this post as I finish processing them. But you can already enjoy some of them or at least one!

Hi, I'm Renat 👋


If you’d like to know the exact specs of individual photos please let me know in the comments below. Most of the photos had an exposure between 8 seconds to 2 minutes. Enjoy!

Milky Way, night sky in Almaty

I took this photo on Talgar Pass near Shymbulak Ski Resort in Almaty, Kazakhstan. If you’ve ever been there you should know where Shymbulak (Chimbulak) is.

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Renat Galyamov

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