LocalStorage vs SessionStorage vs Cookies

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Some developers may find it difficult to explain the difference between localStorage, sessionStorage cookies. But it’s actually very straightforward.


  • Data stored in localStorage has no expiration time.
  • It doesn’t get cleared when the page session ends.
  • Storage limit varies from browser to browser. Last time I’ve checked, Chrome 65.0.3325.181 let me save 5200 thousands of characters.
// Save data to sessionStorage
 sessionStorage.setItem('key', 'value');


  • Very similar to localStorage. The main difference is that data stored in sessionStorage has an expiration time. It gets cleared when the browser closed.
  • Maximum size is larger than per cookie.
 // Save data to sessionStorage
 sessionStorage.setItem('key', 'value');


  • Have expiration time.
  • Data stored in cookies can be sent back to the back-end with subsequent requests.
  • Size is limited to 4096 characters per cookie.
var setting = browser.cookies.set(
  details // object
Set-Cookie: sessionid=38afes7a8; HttpOnly; Path=/

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