How to compare operands (values) in JavaScript

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Learn the basics of comparing two values in JavaScript to see if they are equal.

Comparing values in JS can be tricky e.g.:

1 == "1" // true
1 === "1" // false

Let me explain how to better understand it.

There are both strict and non-strict comparison operators in JavaScript.

Strict operator (===)

A strict comparison operator or a triple equals (===) checks whether both operands contents and types match.

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Abstract comparison (==)

Unlike strict comparison, abstract comparison converts the operands to the same type and only compares their contents.


console.log(1 == 1); // true

console.log("1" == 1); // true

console.log(1 === 1); // true

console.log("1" === 1); // false

If you know a shorter version or want to add another example please share it in the comments below.
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