My thoughts on iPhone 11, Max, Pro and other products

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Yesterday, Apple revealed iPhone 11, Watch Series 5 and iPad. I must say it’s a big disappointment. Here’s why.

iPhone 11

I was expecting the new iPhones to have:

  • 5G support
  • Larger base storage. 64GBs is not enough for a phone that records 4K 60fps
  •  Touch ID/in-screen fingerprint reader
  • Refreshed look/design

Fastest CPU/GPU on smartphones is a big deal… But not for everyone. I don’t see a point of upgrading from A12 Bionic Chip (XR, XS) or even A11 (iPhone 8, X) to iPhone 11 with the A13 Bionic chip if you’re using your phone just for gaming and social media.

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Those apps will work just fine on the last year’s processors. Also, last year’s iPhones will be cheaper if you still want to upgrade from an older phone.

Watch Series 5

It was an awkward moment when Apple announced a new Apple Watch feature in 2019… a compass!

The first compass was revealed over 2000 years (!) ago. The first compass on the iPhone was released years ago and now it finally comes to Apple Watch.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Garmin watch compass. Compasses are still useful but I wouldn’t rely on Apple’s Watch compass simply because your watch battery would die before you get home. They promise a full-day battery on a watch. What if you go hiking for longer than a day? Apple, you can do better.


iPads are great, I love them. But releasing a new iPad with a 3-year-old chip was a bad idea. Apple decided to keep A10 Chip in the new iPad and still call it a new iPad.

They just proved that your older devices will work just fine. They won’t immediately become slower.


iPhone 11 cameras look very impressive. But just hearing other awkward announcements made me fill disappointed. This is not what I was expecting from Apple.

I’m genuinely disappointed.
Renat Galyamov

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